Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Honest Frank's Advice to Pedophiles

First new blog post of the year! The menace known as Honest Frank is still going strong descending further into lunacy as usual. Since the last blog update, Honest Frank became a member of BattleCam where became hated by just about everyone there in record time. The shit really hit the fan once the infamous "Don't Vote for Frank" videos (which unfortunately have been removed from YouTube) started to circulated.

Frank of course blames me and his other "cyber bullies" for people labeling him a pedophile and that the videos were "edited and taken out of context".

Anyway, the moron posted this tidbit of advice to pedophiles on his website recently:

...and he wonders why people hate his guts. Of course it's the "evil devils" faults. 

Here is Frank trying to defend his comments after being called out on it:

The only truthful thing Honest Frank ever said was that "yous can't make me look bad". That is right. YOU do a damn fine job of it on your own Frank.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Frank and the Sickening Filming of His Dead Dogs

"the narcissist has no private life, no true self, no domain reserved exclusively for his nearest and dearest. His life is a spectacle, with free access to all, constantly on display, garnering narcissistic supply from his audience. In the theatre that is the narcissist's life, the actor is irrelevant. Only the show goes on"

The above explains it all so perfectly. This is not the first time Frank has video recorded one of his pet's dead. How a man's need for attention and spectacle can be so great as to do something like this is beyond me. I wouldn't wish the death of a pet on anyone and it doesn't please me to see Frank upset from losing one. But does he really love them? Or does his need for attention over ride it for him to turn their deaths into "look at me" moments?

*Warning: these videos are upsetting and disturbing*

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Frank on Local TV

Here is Frank on "Public Comment". He as always makes a total ass of himself and gets a verbal lashing from Robert F. Quinlan. This is great stuff. Of course they all walk out because he was doing nothing except wasting everyone's time. But of course, if you ask Frank it's because they didn't want him to become Mayor.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Honest Frank: Super Hero? More like Trouble Maker Part 2

The levels in which Frank is will to sink to in his mission to make people look bad is alarming enough to make anyone wonder just what he is capable of. Frank's attempt to smear the name of local community member Eric H. Hakam of Shirley is the best example of what a hateful and jealous human being Frank can be.

It all seemed to have started when Eric. H. Hakam set out to try and make the town of Shirley  an incorporated village with the Smith Point Village Exploratory Committee (SPVEC). While I am unclear of the details as to how and why (most likely steaming from an incident provoked by Frank), Mr. Hakam has been a target of Frank for a few years now and has to the subject of much harassment, which Frank seems to pride himself on. Examples:

Frank calling Mr. Hakam an "organized criminal" while staking out his home. No wonder Frank never accomplishes anything. All this free time and this is what he does with it. Funny how his ADHD never prevents him from doing things like this. Only the important stuff.

Here Frank is clearly trying to provoke Mr. Hakam by sticking his camcorder in his face when it's clear he doesn't want to be recorded or have anything to do with him. Frank also points out examples of what a law breaking criminal Mr. Hakam is for doing such committing such felonies as "driving illegal with a Christmas tree air freshener hanging from his rear view mirror". Frank did this then made the claim by calling the police on Frank, he was "slandering him".

Frank recording a private matter of Mr. Hakam and his family that isn't any of our business nor his.

..and here Frank sinks to a whole new level of disgusting which shows perfectly what a bitter and spiteful person he is. He shows us Mr. Hakam's new Mustang and implies it was bought through illegal activities ( and Frank talks about slander, huh?) with comments like "didn't Eric M. Hakam learn anything from the movie GoodFellaswhen they told the Mobsters DON'T BUY ANYTHING! Did he have to LET THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG?" .

But most disgusting is Frank claiming CPS should "step in" . How vile and low down does one have to be to say such a thing all because he is jealous of a car? To want to see a daughter taken from her father? FOR NO REASON. What is even more disgusting is Frank using the excuse that Mr. Hakam is in foreclosure as one example as to why. So a child should be taken away for that? Then I guess Frank's dogs should be taken from him, because unlike Eric H. Hakam, Frank REALLY IS IN FORECLOSER. I guess Frank assumes everyone has what they have by some other means besides hard work, as the concept of such is beyond him. Hey Frank, how did ya buy that new camcorder? Oh wait, from stealing off tax payers and raping the system.

Here is Frank trying to rally his invisible supports to call CPS on Mr. Hakam via Twitter. How and why is Frank not in jail yet?

How do we know Eric H. Hakam is NOT a "organized criminal?" Well, apart from knowing everything that comes out of Frank's head is just a hate-fueled delusional. If Mr. Hakam WAS a criminal, Frank would of had a pair of cement shoes a long time ago and who could say he wouldn't deserve it?

Monday, September 30, 2013

Honest Frank and the Blame Game

According to Frank, he is omnipotent and capable of doing everything everybody else does, only better. His ability to learn simplistic HTML code, purchase domain names, prime an oil burner, learn to use a camcorder and expose criminals like the lady who parked in front of King Kullen are all testaments of his divine attributes. Hell even justifies his shortcomings and "being poor" as being apart of some great divine cause ("I think I was meant to be poor because I'm an angel"). He is also free of any guilt whatsoever.

Despite not having had a job in over 8 years, he can still become mayor and is "most qualified for the job". Despite being 53 years old and out of shape, he can be the best web cam model in the world. Despite being broke and having never graduated high school let alone possess any business knowledge, he can still start a million dollar company. Not to mention start his own religion and charity as well of course.

The entire world is in his grasp and nothing is beyond his ability. So why does he fail at everything single unreachable goal he sets out to achieve and so far, has not done a single thing with his life? He's oppressed, that's why. It's because you, me and society in general is out to hold him back.

According to Frank, current Mastic Beach mayor Bill Biondi KNEW there is no way in hell he could go up against the great Honest Frank. So he used his evil powers into "tricking" Frank into saying he had a bomb in his camcorder bag and that is one reason why he didn't fulfill his dream of becoming mayor of Mastic Beach.

It had NOTHING to do with the fact Frank waited to get signatures until the day BEFORE the deadline. It was his ADHD and then Bill Biondi for not granting him an extension because that evil bastard KNEW Frank would win. He was totally right for waiting until the day before and trying to get signatures by standing outside of a gas station looking like a fool with an American flag draped over his back.

In 2012 Frank once again ran (in his mind) for mayor. But this time the blizzard is what prevented him from getting the 100 signatures that are required to be a candidate. Wait, no. It wasn't the blizzard but the fact they didn't give him an extension BECAUSE of the blizzard. Not the fact it was the night before or at least a few days before the deadline. Nope. He couldn't get signatures this time because King Kullen was closed, and once again he was refused an extension. Because you know, they knew he would win and they are corrupt.

One user made a good point in his reply to Frank's protest:
"You could have started getting people to sign on Jan. 2 Feb 5 was the first day that they could be handed into Village Hall. How come the others were able to get theirs signed? Oh and BTW they work fulltime jobs unlike you who sucks off the rest of us." 

Right. The super man Honest Frank who is better and more competent than anyone else on earth still couldn't manage to get signatures with all the free time he has on his hands.

Obviously he is not mentally fit to see nobody would vote for a guy who couldn't even accomplish the task to get signatures and uses the excuse of ADHD for not following through with the simplest of tasks, let alone make important decisions that effect their lives.

Frank then set out to become a celebrated male cam model and even start his own cam model website. But that failed too. Why? Same ol' story.  KNEW if he did that, the great Honest Frank would provide to be too much competition for them (Can you blame them? I mean, just look at his track record of accomplishments!). Also because of us evil devil cyber bullies spread "lies" about him.

Speaking of us evil devil cyber bullies, we're also to blame for psychic Janet Russell threatening to get an order of protection against her. It has nothing to do with Frank haunting her of course.

Oh yeah, we are also to blame for his not getting a modification. Due to causing the super Frank to be too depressed to handle the proper paperwork. Yes, it's us. Not the fact he hasn't made payments on his house. In reality, he's been in foreclosure for years and I believe at this point, a modification is just not an option.

It's been said Narcissistic types such as Frank purposely try to reach goals that are way too high knowing they will fail and end up blaming others. They are under the constant judgement of a super ego and their way of silencing the harsh voices that torment and belittle them is to place the blame on others for their failure. They can still hold onto the false belief that they are as Frank put it "the best person in the world", while always having an excuse for never being able to prove it: "it's them, not me". Frank claims he hates this page, but really he loves it. It's another thing to point his finger at when he needs to put the blame on something other than himself.

Frank ultimately is at war only with himself and usually such people are deserving of some kind of pity. Unfortunately for Frank and everyone else, everyone he comes in contact with is caught in the crossfire or used as a weapon.

Honest Frank: Super Hero? More like Trouble Maker

We've all seen a perfect example of this with his downright despicable behavior at the Lighthouse Mission food and clothing drive, but let's dive a bit deeper into some of his other shenanigans.

Honest Frank like to toot his own horn about being "a real life super hero", among many other things. But as any sane person can see, he is just a bitter underachiever with a grudge against authority figures, law enforcement, the common working man and society in general.

Frank claims he is often the target of what he calls "evil devils" because he is "too normal" and "good". But let's look at the real reason. He is trouble maker out to prove something and make others look bad to validate his beliefs, which cannot be described as anything other than asinine, delusional and the result of extreme bitterness and contempt for anyone that hurts his fragile super ego. In his world, two wrongs make a right. Arrest him for making a bomb threat? Well then, he'll target and point out the criminal activities of "organized criminals" committing such heinous acts as *GASP!* smoking cigarettes in front of a school! or firefighters parking a fire truck in *get ready for it* FIRE ZONE! (yet oddly enough he thinks sex with underage kids "should be legally allowed", granted if they are "mature" and "want it")

It seems ever since he was arrested at the Mastic Beach Fire Department, he has a serious vendetta against all Firemen. Men and women who risk their lives for a living. Here he is recording himself confronting Firemen at a super market for parking in a fire zone, which he claims is a "fire hazard". Really, Frank? 53 years old and not intellectually mature enough to know that space IS for Firemen? Talk about scraping the utmost bottom of the barrel in a pathetic attempt to make others look bad.

If that isn't equally as laughable as it is infuriating enough for ya, give a listen to Frank bringing it to the attention of a 7th Precinct Inspector and Sargent about two arch rivals of his SMOKING CIGARETTES IN FRONT OF A SCHOOL! and how he could make a citizens arrests! They both told him to take a hike of course.
(hey, speaking of illegal, isn't it illegal to record people without their consent?)

Here is another degenerate law breaker our heroic vigilante busted in the name of Freedom. A woman parked in front of King Kullen during bitterly cold weather. Yes, Frank makes Bronson look like a punk. What happened to "FREEDOM IN AMERICA", Frank? Oh wait, you only post that to UNDERAGE GIRLS who are stripping naked and when people ask you to stop video recording them after you rudely stick a camera in their faces.

Like a typical loser with sour grapes, Frank will never look in the mirror and see his own shortcomings and mistakes and try to change them. Instead he always takes the mirror and tries to hold it up to others. Which always reflects nothing except even more how wrong he is.

Frank shows up to the Mastic Beach Village Yard Sale, knowing he was unwanted and because selling $2.00 used toasters is indication of some shady criminal activity. Of course he caused a scene as soon as he stepped foot on the property and refused to stop recording people after they told him to they didn't want to be on video. The cop who responded to the call made about him was fair and handled the situation in a very appropriate manner, but has since become a major target of Frank. One again Frank also points out the crime of smoking cigarettes! In front of children, which he "believes is a crime" and one that is deserving of life in prison.

Here is a video of Selden Fire Department saving animals from a burning house. I have yet to see the "real life super hero Honest Frank" do anything this great. Instead he busts the balls of people like this and implies they are criminals to make his bitter ass feel better and he wonders why people are out to get him. Oh wait, he does know why. It's because he is an "good angel". YEAH, right Frank.

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Magical Thinking and Egotism of Honest Frank

"Magical Thinking" is a criteria for a slew of different mental and personality disorders, including Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Aside from believing himself to be an "angel from heaven", it seems Honest Frank also believes he prevented the end of the world in 2012:


Yes, that is right folks. Frank, the man who hasn't held a job in close to 10 years saved the world by "being normal" and fighting the good fight by doing things like stalking and harassing young women he felt were "the devil in disguise", defending the rights of sex offenders, showing his junk on the internet, disrupting and causing chaos at food pantries, slandering and harnessing local community members HE SAVED THE WORLD!

Here Frank explains how people should wear the American flag on his Birthday (which he believes should be a national holiday). Well, he tries at least. Instead he went on another rant about the Age of Consent Laws should be changed again. Some gems of quotes here like ""in other countries they have sex when they are younger. Like you know 12, 10 years old stuff like that. It was meant to be". He says this after expressing his wishes to adopt someday! RIGHT.